Thanks for a great nominations announcement.

Our Festival returns October 8th-10th, hosted once again by Mateo Gomez.

Scroll down to learn more about this year's Festival, and our Class of 2021.

Meet the MSFF Class of 2021.

We've hand-selected some of the most promising student films in the world from our submission pool of dozens of countries, hundreds of schools, and thousands of individual submissions. We're confident that these Maine premieres adequately showcase the next generation of student film and cinema.

A lot went down at our nominations announcement this year.

In addition to announcing our Class of 2021, we confirmed that Mateo Gomez is returning to host MSFF for his second year. We also announced a change to our organization starting in 2022 - shifting our show away from Maine. Seriously.

New year. Same host.

Mateo is ready to guide you, once again, through the world of student film and cinema.

Regardless of the situation with COVID-19, we've committed to having a virtual event this year to put everyone involved with the Festival at ease. With that being said, we do our damn best to make sure that our virtual events match our physical ones.

Our host, Mateo, will be your guide for three days - helping you navigate the dozens of screenings, panels, workshops, talks, interviews, and everything we do to help our community get the most out of our event as possible.

Can't wait until October? Watch our 2020 show here:

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