What is the Maine Student Film Festival?

In short – we’re a Festival that’s dedicated to curating the best student films, and student filmmakers, on planet earth. We take these films and host their Maine premiere at a three-day celebration that includes screenings from our Class, panels, workshops, interviews, and appearances from film professionals.

In long – we were established in 2018 by a group of high school students in Maine. We quickly expanded outward, and with our 2019 show, began accepting submissions from students around the world (on the condition that we could screen their Maine premiere). As we moved into 2020, we, like many of our colleagues and other events, were forced online. We put on a kick-ass virtual show that exposed our Festival to tens of thousands of student film enthusiasts around the world. Our 2021 show will be delivered in a similar fashion – entirely online – in December 2021, hosted by Mateo Gomez.

As announced by Sofia Karam at our nominations announcement, in 2022, we’re planning to move away from the Maine Student Film Festival branding to something non-denominational to a single geographical location. This will allow us to expand our reach, and service the global community of student filmmakers that we’ve attracted over the last four years.

We don’t have any more information about this quite yet – we’re too busy focused on this year’s Festival.

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