Class of 2021, Shorlisted for Excellence in Storytelling


by Ethan Nahar, Independent Student

ANAMNESIS explores the mind of Simon Waters as he attempts to navigate through his amnesia. Assisted by the efforts of a private Doctor, Simon hopes to rediscover a memory, and ultimately, rediscover himself.

About The Film


Film Stills

About The Filmmaker

Ethan Nahar


-Ethan Nahar, Director
-Ethan Nahar, Writer
-Ethan Nahar, Producer
-Ethan Nahar, Editor
-Joseph Edwards, Key Cast
-Calum Martineau, Key Cast
-Hannah O'Brien, Key Cast
-Ellis Narey, Director of Photography
-Audrey Johnson, Composer
-Patricia Johnson, Sound Recordist
-Zill Khan, Lighting Technician
-Nino Nahar, Executive Producer
-MONST3R, Additional Music

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