Class of 2021, Nominated for Best Actor: Alireza Heydarian

Blood Eater

by Alireza Heydarian, University of Tehran

A human being is born wrong in nature and destroys it and destroys himself

About The Film

Film Stills

About The Filmmaker

Alireza Heydarian

Alireza Heydarian is a bachelor's degree student in cinema directing in Tehran and has won several domestic awards at festivals for editing, directing and acting. And Davood Mirkhan is an associate student of acting in Tehran


-Alireza Heydarian, Director Familier
-Davood Mirkhan, Director Familier
-Alireza Heydarian, Writer Familier
-Davood Mirkhan, Writer Familier
-Alireza Heydarian, Producer Familier
-Davood Mirkhan, Producer Familier
-Alireza Heydarian, Key Cast “Primitive”
-Davood Mirkhan, Key Cast “Hunter”

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