Class of 2021, Shortlisted for Best Picture


by Barbora Kučeríková, Tomas Bata University

Do not touch, do not see each other, pay contactless and shoot about how we are trying to shoot movies.

About The Film

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About The Filmmaker

Barbora Kučeríková

Barbora Kučeríková (24) is a master's student at Tomas Bata University in Zlín. She completed her bachelor's studies with the short poetic film Medzi (2019), excerpts of which were broadcast by ČT Art in the Průvan program.

In her work, she focuses on connecting audiovisual media with fine arts and performance.


-Barbora Kučeríková, Director
-Barbora Kučeríková, Writer
-Tomas Bata, University in Zlin Producer
-Matěj Brothánek, Key Cast
-Barbora Kučeríková, Director of Photography
-Matěj Brothánek, Editor

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