Class of 2021, Shortlisted for Best Picture


by Moisés Rodríguez, CIFP César Manrique

An older man tries to live his daily routine by means of notes strategically placed at his home. But due to a slip, this will be his last day.

MSFF 2021 Screening Times

Ephemeral is screening at MSFF, happening December 28-29, 2021. Our Festival livestream is free, and open to the public. You can watch the film on December 28th, 2021, at 3:50pm EST.

Prefer to watch it on your own time? With, our experimental VOD option this year, you can watch all of this year's film slate up to seven days after the Festival ends. Purchase required.

About The Film

Meet The Filmmaker #MSFF2021

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About The Filmmaker

Moisés Rodríguez

Moisés Rodríguez (Tenerife, Spain, 1999) My experience in audiovisual matters began three years ago with my initiation in production studies. It is from then, when I develop projects that are creating in me a strong attraction for the films.

I have worked as a producer in different audiovisual projects since then like tv series, video clips, spots and short films, but recently a greater interest in film directing has begun to awaken in me.


-Moisés Rodríguez, Director
-Moisés Rodríguez, Writer
-Moisés Rodríguez, Producer
-Pepe Rey, Key Cast

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