Class of 2021, Shorlisted for Excellence in Storytelling


by Sarah Signorino, Rome University of Fine Arts

A film graduate finally manages to get a meeting with a former director, thanks to the friendship that tied the man to her grandfather, who recently passed away. The student decides to record the meeting, intending to find out why the film was never made.

MSFF 2021 Screening Times

I TITOLI CHE VORREI is screening at MSFF, happening December 28-29, 2021. Our Festival livestream is free, and open to the public. You can watch the film on December 29th, 2021, at 2:55pm EST.

Prefer to watch it on your own time? With, our experimental VOD option this year, you can watch all of this year's film slate up to seven days after the Festival ends. Purchase required.

About The Film

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About The Filmmaker

Sarah Signorino

Sarah Signorino, born in Messina on the 7th of November 1995. She has grown up in a family where storytelling with pictures has been handed down from one generation to another.

After high school she graduated in DAMS in Messina and then she continued her studies in Rome, motivated by an interest in knowing cinema concretely. In fact, during her years in the academy, she learnt new languages experimented with different techniques, took part in various short film sets and documentaries and curated the direction of four of them: one of this was shoot in film with an International troupe.


-Sarah Signorino, Director
-Sarah Signorino, Writer
-Corso Cinema Roma Rufa - Rome University of Fine, Arts Producer
-Giovanni Marzi, Key Cast
-Sarah Signorino, Key Cast

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