Class of 2021, Nominated for Excellence in Cinematography


by Robert Minassian, Lebanese American University

Daring to search for something beyond what reality gives, a woman lies right where she was left.

About The Film

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About The Filmmaker

Robert Minassian

Robert Minassian is a Lebanese filmmaker, art director, actor, videographer, and editor of Armenian origins. He received a BA from the Lebanese American University in TV-Film.

Robert's work addresses the themes of healing and transformation. He uses art and poetry to take the audience on an inner journey. No matter the medium, his art has always been linked to nature and moments in our everyday life.


-Robert Minassian, Director
-Robert Minassian, Writer
-Robert Minassian, Producer
-Robert Minassian, Production Designer
-Robert Minassian, Cinematographer
-Robert Minassian, Art Director
-Robert Minassian, Editor
-Robert Minassian, Sound Designer
-Marwa Kobeissi, Key Cast
-Rachid Hneineh, Key Cast

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