Class of 2021, Nominated for Excellence in Sound

Music For The End Of The World

by Emmanuel Li, Independent Student

Would the apocalypse really be all that bad? Teenage Freddie certainly doesn't think so, as he boogies his troubles away on a gorgeous sunny hill...

About The Film


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About The Filmmaker

Emmanuel Li

Emmanuel is a 19-year-old storyteller and filmmaker who wants to change the way you see and experience the world.

Coming from a multi-disciplinary background in theatre, magic, music and more, his films are often eclectic and playful but also heartfelt and vulnerable.

Always striving to immerse you in a grass-stained, sun-bleached, explosive concoction of sounds, colours and emotions.


-Emmanuel Li, Director, Writer,Producer
-Ethan Ross, Producer
-Isaac Li, Producer
-Emmanuel Li, Key Cast, “Freddie”

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