May 24, 2019 Festival Program

The festival program for 2020 will be released alongside our MSFF/ASFVi nomination announcement on June 1st, 2020. Our festival program is curated by a jury of about 400 randomly selected filmmakers, alongside longstanding MSFF community members.

Flin by Catherine Valle


Catherine Valle, Ecuador
A shark teaches his son to swim and hunt. While exploring the ocean, they follow fish for fun until unexpectedly the father disappears.

Shaving With A Purpose

Shaving With A Purpose

Dawson Bishoff, Maine (US)
A father teaches his son how to defend himself.

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No Guesses Found

Georgie Cubin and Jane Leggat, US
A film that questions expected representations of dyslexia by confronting the mainstream. Created from the unique perspective of a filmmaker with dyslexia.


Jack The Ripper - Then and Now

Haemin Ko, China
In our film, we explore the abusive power that men exert over women — on their bodies and their minds — as perceived through the foggy lens of time.

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Jack Collier, US
An avant-garde silent documentary about Tony as he works tirelessly in the night to complete his hobby.


The Note

Siavash Eydani, Iran
The man wakes up and finds himself on the bed in the sea...

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Chris Daniels, US
A fatigued man finds himself standing in the midst of the night, staring off against a terrifying creature that only moves when the man sits.

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Joel Baud, France
Edmond goes to his wedding, on the road he will make a rather unexpected meeting.


27 second chain project

Louis Norris, UK
This film is the end result of the 27 second chain project, a collaborative artistic experiment which was made by fifteen students, all based in Cambridge, over a number of weeks.



Miguel Ovalle, Colombia
Kaleido is an experimental timelapse that seeks to reflect the diversity of Colombian landscapes between the natural and the urban, providing a different point of view based on photographic composition and a post-production referring to the kaleidoscope.

Double Take

Double Take

Ben Friedman, US
When they come across a lost wallet, Sam and his reluctant friend Steven go on a journey to return the item to its rightful owner. However, some clues along the way point them in unexpected directions.

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Janina Mistecky, Germany
This film is about the diversity of the Alps regardless of whether the German, Austrian or Swiss Alps.

IMG_6729 (1)

Time of Death

Bryson Lima, US
A neurosurgeon consoles her student as he grieves over a patient he failed to save.

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Songs From The Deep

Grey Gowder, US
A radio astronomer and his AI colleague seek to reestablish contact with a distant alien civilization from an isolated SETI listening outpost in coastal Florida. When conventional methods fail, they discover the power of Earth's other voices to link our two worlds.

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Gnome Away From Home

Logan Regnier, US
A man leaves home to pursue his interest in gnomes.


wavy head

Max Shoham, US
When I was 9 months old, a team of doctors cut into my skull, removed my forehead, put my eye-sockets on a table, reshaping my face completely. This caused a year of tension and terror in my family, and gave me scars still visible today, yet I can’t remember a single thing about the whole ordeal.

Screen Shot 2020-02-24 at 9.08.25 PM


Nazar Germanov, Czech-Prague
The film is about the impossibility of returning a dead person to the world of the living.



Radheya Jegatheva, Australia
Alone in space, an astronaut drifts through the empty void. After finding another astronaut in the same predicament, she gives him a polaroid image of the Earth.

They then team up to go on an epic journey across the universe to return to their planet. Will these star-crossed lovers find home?



Radheya Jegatheva, Australia
A film that explores the relationship between man and technology...told from the perspective of a phone.


Rise in Darkness

PAINT VK, Thailand
Thomas uses darkness power to threaten Megan & Sebastian in darkness dimension where Thomas convinces Megan to join darkness by consume other life.

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