Class of 2021, Shortlisted for Excellence in Animation


by Natalia Jiménez, Independent Student

A curious creature discovers that it can create a whole world using very colorful orbs, however it realizes that sacrifices must be made to get the world it desires.

About The Film

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About The Filmmaker

Natalia Díaz Jiménez

Natalia Díaz Jiménez is a filmmaker and animation student with a passion for illustration and concept art.

She has worked on various short films as a director, assistant director, writer, production designer and was the assistant set decorator in the movie “Un tal Alonso Quijano”. Is one of the founders members of the production company Media Offline Studio.

She is currently working as an 2D animator, concept artist and assistant director in the documentary “Senderos de Libertad”.


- Natalia Díaz Jiménez, Director, Writer, Producer, Animation
- Alejandra Urbina, Sound Department
- Juan Pablo Otalora, Sound Department
- Violeta Price Díaz, Music

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