Class of 2021, Nominated for Excellence in Animation

Reaching For Sunlight

by Franki Furnell, Independent Student

Like a plant fuelled by sunlight, 12 year old Florissa is fuelled by academic praise. But when you're convinced that you're the classroom's brightest shining star, what happens when someone dims your light?

About The Film

Meet The Filmmaker #MSFF2021

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About The Filmmaker

Franki Furnell

Hi! My name is Franki, a Sydney-based artist. I am passionate about telling relatable and inspiring stories, hoping to make people feel less alone!


- Franki Furnell, Director
- Cassandra Micallef, Key Cast ("Poppy")
- Franki Furnell, Key Cast ("Florissa")
- Hollyanne Navarro, Key Cast ("The Teacher / Students")
- Emily Hogan, Music/Sound Design

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