Meet the MSFF Class of 2021.

We've hand-selected some of the most promising student films in the world from our submission pool of dozens of countries, hundreds of schools, and thousands of individual submissions. We're confident that these Maine premieres adequately showcase the next generation of student film and cinema. Click on a film to learn more about it.

Excellence In Animation

Half Full

A short film anthology on the theme of identity, with each segment featuring a different animator and their personal interpretation of the theme.

Witch's Hunt Day

Fawn, a quirky and determined young witch in training struggles to catch a little monster to fulfill her school assignment.

Painting By Numbers

"When we look at great art, do we realize it is looking back? With eyes that see more clearly than we do?

Reaching For Sunlight

Like a plant fuelled by sunlight, 12 year old Florissa is fuelled by academic praise. But when you're convinced that you're the classroom's brightest shining star, what happens when someone dims your light?

An Almost Perfect Vacuum

Neil panics when his mother is on her way to visit his impossibly messy room, until he makes a life-saving discovery.


A curious creature discovers that it can create a whole world using very colorful orbs, however it realizes that sacrifices must be made to get the world it desires.


A Grandfather and grandson's journey through life.


During a full moon night, a cat is trapped inside a spooky house where a gramophone is playing, the cat will discover a secret while trying to escape and run for his life.

Little Gestures

An elderly master artist finds his powers waning - and receives help from an unlikely source.


A scientist seeks answers by observing the world through the lens of her microscope.

Excellence In Sound


Would the apocalypse really be all that bad? Teenage Freddie certainly doesn't think so, as he boogies his troubles away on a gorgeous sunny hill...


IN MEDIAS RUSH is a journey into the depths of a manic mind. A young man celebrates his birthday while thoughts are multiplying. With an unwilling foot on the accelerator he is heading over the edge.

The Last Celebration

The patron Saint Festivities is the most important celebration of the year. Esther knows it and has a great hope to attend. Esteban, her husband thinks the opposite.

Tune You Out

It's Halloween night and Derek and Sarah find themselves trapped in the middle of the woods with a group of owl worshiping cult members and a few other survivors. Will they survive the night?

Give it back!

Olivia just moved to Israel from New York. Throughout her first day of school in the 6th grade she tries to survive, navigating through the new country she just landed in, her new school and new peers, unsure where she will end up at the end of the day.

Fresh Peaches

Circa 1977. When his grandmother is falsely accused of stealing a tube of lipstick, a Vietnamese boy named Binh must try to diffuse the rising, heated altercation.

Bury The Truth

Two friends must bury a dead body. But can they bury the truth?

Final Draft

Not all stories are written in a day. In this short tale about the trials and tribulations of writing to achieve the universal goal of success, our lead character finds himself in a place of discouragement as he searches the vast emptiness of his mind, hoping to find a story worth writing.


An original musical about fear of love and relationship. When Zohar (30) meets Danny (28), he shows her that feeling pain is better than not feeling at all.

The Mask

I don’t think that adults can see correctly behind their mask.

Excellence In Cinematography

Ballad of a Breakup

An experimental short reflecting on past breakups in friendships.


A pair of left-behind sisters welcome their parents who haven’t been home for two years. Sisters look forward to the reunion, but only to find awkwardness and estrangement.


Five years after her father’s death a girl tries to live an ordinary life with her family by suppressing her true self. When she is being haunted by ominous figures she has to overcome her own fears and accept what makes her special.


A story that shows the problematic on homophobia in a truthful and poetic portrait.


Daring to search for something beyond what reality gives, a woman lies right where she was left.


Chained to a pipe in a dark room, a young woman must fight her way out and discover the dark secret to her imprisonment.


An African American 10-year old girl and a Caucasian American 8-year old boy get in a race leading to bloody consequences.

A Score In The Vinyl

When a white supremacist invades a middle eastern man's home, the two of them become stuck in a time loop. The two must learn to cohabitate peacefully, and come to find a middle ground.


The smell of shampoo and cigarettes hangs in the air. The hair buns tear at the scalp and the newest hits play on a small radio. It’s the golden 50ies and Victor has his hair salon in perfect order – or so it seems.


Italy, something between the 70s and the 90s. Francesco, all-around artist, has finally finished his masterpiece: a naked portrait of Paola, his partner. She’s completely amazed by it. However, when he reveals her that the painting is going to be shown in an important exhibition, troubles begin.

Excellence In Storytelling

Just Being Here

Walter has lived alone for most of his life and doesn't venture far from his house, but his life is far from ordinary.

My Friend, Marcel

In the midst of a national lockdown, Frank Dennison makes a new friend within the confines of his own home. This new friend, Marcel, helps Frank cook, work, and provides company when he most needs it. However, as Marcel’s behaviour begins to sour, Frank must choose between leaving his friend, or getting trapped within his own psyche forever.

After Hours

A school janitor returns to work for the first time since finding the body of a female student who took their own life. He starts to experience unnatural activity within the school, becoming increasingly paranoid that someone may be trying to mess with him. However, the situation he finds himself in is far more dangerous than a simple school prank...


A true story of one asylum patient's struggle as her focus on returning home does not go as she planned. A period piece that highlights the travesty of those resting in unmarked graves from barbaric treatments.


A married couple lives in a cycle facing fertility problems, would adoption becomes a solution?


ANAMNESIS explores the mind of Simon Waters as he attempts to navigate through his amnesia. Assisted by the efforts of a private Doctor, Simon hopes to rediscover a memory, and ultimately, rediscover himself.


A film graduate finally manages to get a meeting with a former director, thanks to the friendship that tied the man to her grandfather, who recently passed away. The student decides to record the meeting, intending to find out why the film was never made.


A detective, Jacek Marski, gets the case of a mysterious murder from the night form 27th to 28th February. He gets it, because of a prosecutor's fears that the earlier investigation in this case leaves doubts.


A mysterious man is put in a state of panic and paranoia when he finds exactly what he is looking for.

To Tell A Vision

A young black kid in 1964, New Zealand discovers a TV from the future and sees a world in which he can be a part of.

Best Actor & Best Actress

Gılman Peremeci

in Memory; Elif Turan, director.

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Charlotte Lorenzen

in Accept; Manuel Klavers, director.

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Anna Isaeva

in 16/8; Sasha Paracels, director.

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Emily Belcher

in Beth; Ava Bounds, director.

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Dia Jovanovic

in Unofficial Selection; Kristoffer Bjerg, director.

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Alireza Heydarian

in Blood Eater; Alireza Heydarian, director.

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Matthew Stannah

in Graffiti; Charlie Norton, director.

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Paweł Ławrynowicz

in Zagadka; Miłosz Karski, director.

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Andrés Rodríguez

in Fantasmas; Roberto Rodriguez, director.

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Will Conlin

in The Game Of Fortune; Lenti Liang, director.

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Best Picture


An original musical about fear of love and relationship. When Zohar (30) meets Danny (28), he shows her that feeling pain is better than not feeling at all.


3000 kilometers, 25 hours of sleep, 10 kilograms of pasta: 12 people from 12 different planets traveling to another one to see what matters.


At the end of an extraordinary situation in the village, when the people of the village cannot reach the government, they try to break a curse by organizing various rituals under the leadership of the Mukhtar and Kadir.

When Sicades Become Silent

Nia is a woman who was left with a scar after having survived a head-on collision when she was little. This imperfection of her body becomes a personal stigma and she is unable to enjoy relating to other people.

Letters to Burn

A firekeeper's role as the bridge between the living and the dead. A traditionally animated film set in 1980s Singapore, this story follows the firekeeper's day to day job in stamping letters to be sent by locals to their loved ones by burning it in a special fire.


An older man tries to live his daily routine by means of notes strategically placed at his home. But due to a slip, this will be his last day.


Do not touch, do not see each other, pay contactless and shoot about how we are trying to shoot movies.


IHR (THEM) is the story about a building with an inner courtyard an its inhabitants. While the different character follow their everyday routines, trash slowly begins to pile up in the courtyard. What seems harmless in the beginning, one night escalates to a total disaster.

have you (ever) been here before?

A journey to the existential and pessimistic world of Alter who is going after his bird.

Corona Daydream

In the days of quarantine, endless repetitions had to lead us to madness. All that remains is a fantasy world where nightmares and pseudo dreams intertwine.

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