Class of 2021, Nominated for Best Actor: Will Conlin

The Game of Fortune

by Lenti Liang, University of California San Diego

In an attempt to escape his financial woes, a young drifter walks into a mysterious bar filled with shifty card-players who invite him to play a hand. After one innocent round turns into many, luck seems to be on his side, but for how long will his game of fortune last?

MSFF 2021 Screening Times

The Game of Fortune is screening at MSFF, happening December 28-29, 2021. Our Festival livestream is free, and open to the public. You can watch the film on December 29th, 2021, at 3:50pm EST.

Prefer to watch it on your own time? With, our experimental VOD option this year, you can watch all of this year's film slate up to seven days after the Festival ends. Purchase required.

About The Film

Meet The Filmmaker #MSFF2021

Film Stills

About The Filmmaker

Lenti Liang


-Lenti Liang, Director
-Lenti Liang, Writer
-Will Conlin, Key Cast
-Mark Vidano, Key Cast
-Chad Scott Caisse, Key Cast
-Zack Szabo, Director of Photography
-Lenti Liang, Producer
-Hazel Li, Producer
-Rui Zhang, Producer

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