Class of 2021, Shorlisted for Excellence in Storytelling

To Tell A Vision

by Theo Shakes, Southseas Film School

A young black kid in 1964, New Zealand discovers a TV from the future and sees a world in which he can be a part of.

MSFF 2021 Screening Times

To Tell A Vision is screening at MSFF, happening December 28-29, 2021. Our Festival livestream is free, and open to the public. You can watch the film on December 28th, 2021, at 12:20pm EST.

Prefer to watch it on your own time? With, our experimental VOD option this year, you can watch all of this year's film slate up to seven days after the Festival ends. Purchase required.

About The Film


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About The Filmmaker

Theo Shakes

Theo is a 19 year old filmmaker with a range of notable work to his credit. His previous short film 'Bygones' was screened in festivals around the world and was nominated in four categories at the 2019 All American High School Film Festival held in NYC.

During college, Theo received awards for best short film for 3 consecutive years. Theo has written, directed and starred in his most recent short ‘Your Vomit‘ 2020 which was a semi-finalist film at the LA student film festival. Theo is a Graduate of South Seas Film School, receiving the diploma for specialising in Drama Directing.

He is now moving to Wellington in 2021 to study acting at Toi Whakaari for 3 years.


-Theo Shakes, Director Bygones (2019), Your Vomit (2020)
-Theo Shakes, Writer Bygones (2019), Your Vomit (2020)
-Bell Adams, Producer
-Graham Vincent, Key Cast “De” Upgrade, Ghost in Shell, The - Shannara Chronicles
-Perlian Makolo, Key Cast “Deandre”

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