Class of 2021, Nominated for Best Actress: Dia Jovanovic

Unofficial Selection

by Kristoffer Bjerg, Independent Student

A man wearing a dog mask shows up at a film festival uninvited.

MSFF 2021 Screening Times

Unofficial Selection is screening at MSFF, exclusively on MSFFOnDemand, our VOD streaming service.

With, our experimental VOD option this year, you can watch all of this year's film slate up to seven days after the Festival ends. Purchase required.

About The Film

Film Stills

About The Filmmaker

Kristoffer Bjerg

As none of his previous films got picked by any noticeable festivals, Kristoffer had an impulse to make 'Unofficial Selection' (2020) - a very popular and good short film that got to win several prestigious prizes (e.g. "Most Handsome Director"). It was officially selected for a whole bunch of cool festivals with paid accommodation and transport and Kristoffer is very stable and cooperative in the event that any other given film festival would like to pick 'Unofficial Selection' as part of their selection:)


-Kristoffer Bjerg, Director
-Kristoffer Bjerg, Writer
-Didde Maria Nikolajsen, Producer
-Marc Marquard Rønn, Key Cast “Søren”
-Dia Jovanovic, Key Cast “Evelina”
-Jonas Jacobsen, Key Cast “Linus”
-Frederik Ribergaard, Key Cast “Technician Mark”
-Kristoffer Bjerg, Executive Producer
-Bjarke Kastbjerg Andersen, First Assistant Director
-Anne Lynghus Pedersen, Production Manager
-Frederik Wendelboe Hansen, Director of Photography
-Bertram Strandvig, Gaffer
-Nicolaj N. Justesen, Production Sound Mixer
-Emma Lykholt Andreasen, Production Designer
-Christina Helenius, Costume Designer
-Louise Mondrup, Editor
-Frederik Wendelboe Hansen, Colourist
-Simon Pedersen, Soundmixer
-Oliver Andersen, Composer
-Andreas Rødbro, Composer

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